Affiliate Disclosure

Full Affiliate Disclosure

I review and mention products and services on my website with URLs in the posts, articles, images, banners, stories etc.

Products and services I use or check and find useful to recommend further.
Explaining them in details in my posts, also if the merchant selling said product or service offers an affiliate program with a commission or incentive, I might refer to the product via an affiliate link, and

I may receive a small amount of commission or some form of compensation if you buy the product or service I recommended you with the link or URL, mostly its never an extra charge or cost to you.

I also would never prefer to falsely represent a product or service to receive an affiliate commission. from my audience or visitors to my blog.

Affiliate programs for referrals give us more motivation to make new content, tutorials, articles for our blog readers, visitors and users.

For Affiliate Programs and Sellers

If you are a seller and wish my site could help you refer for your products or services, you may contact me here. On this form and explain how is the product or service you are offering is beneficial for visitors or readers of my blog so that I can consider joining your referral program.