PHP 8 Launching 26th November 2020 is WordPress Ready

With PHP 8 Rolling out on 26th November is WordPress Core, Plugins, Frameworks Ready for the same yet?

Around 35% of the entire web is using WordPress CMS for Blogs, Shopping Stores, Niche Sites, Portfolios, News Publications and many more applications all together as claimed by WordPress and it’s still growing rapidly.

With PHP 7.4 being the latest version for WordPress that passes the WordPress Health Check on this 26th November 2020 all servers running on PHP 7.4 would show an update available for the latest PHP version 8.0.

So are the Developers, site and store owners, publishers Ready for this New Version PHP 8 update.

To upgrade your server to PHP 8 you can check Upgrading PHP 8 with Github and what all new features it has officially.

WordPress Hosting and PHP 8

The web hosting companies are waiting and watching for the PHP Version updates to avoid site crashes and problems with the clients that are not tech-savvy.

Companies like Bitnami using PHP Version Current 7.4.12 as per the Changelog here and having many sites using Bitnami for WordPress globally.

With this discussion in the past on the PHP Versions Bitnami always tests everything before they actually roll out a new version as written by Jota an engineer at Bitnami here for a discussion on the Lightsail AWS Bitnami PHP version upgrade.

While not major hosting brands like Kinsta, SiteGround etc. that provide managed WordPress Solutions have not come forward for PHP 8 Rollout dates but have written about the same on their blogs.

WordPress Core Committer Alian Schlesser also indicated with a tweet on 30th October 2020 about WordPress requiring much support from the entire ecosystem, appreciating a Hosting company Seravo for taking the initiative for participating in the latest PHP 8 test while Seravo observed that WordPress with a nightly build did not fully pass the test yet.

Performance Benchmarks with PHP 8 and WordPress, Whats New?

A Developer Stanislav Khromov from Schibsted Media Group benchmarking PHP 8 Performance with WordPress on his 10-year-old computer and as per his tweet and a screenshot the results were amazing

Yoast SEO pointed out about PHP 8 and its effects much earlier with a detailed report and article The 2020 WordPress and PHP 8 compatibility report that is a must-read and is also detailed write up by the Yoast Team that covers almost everything you want to know about the update.

While WordPress has already made a call for testing PHP 8, with ways to test and Report issues and altogether everything is detailed on this official link.

Let us hope for the best and a better web with PHP 8 release soon, and like it should be always testing first on staging site and then pushing major updates to a live site is recommended.

If you need to make a testing environment locally, you can follow a post from our blog that is a tutorial to setup WordPress on mac localhost step by step with SSL

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