Upcoming 2021 Changes to SEO & Indexing Some Solid Hints

Sunday 22 November 18:51

Google is continuously making the web better in the past few months the SEO focus of major website owners is shifted towards Core Web Vitals that majorly covers mobile-friendly pages, page load speed performances, accessibility scores and other validations from the lighthouse test like the PWA ( progressive web apps )

Core Web Vital Validations and SEO

A core web vitals test of our site netnaps.com on the lighthouse for core web vitals on webpage test website.

Alberto Medina developer relations at Google recently tweeted a link to to the google blog Timing for bringing page experience to Google Search, as per this article page experience will be a ranking factor in the coming months ahead May 2021.

This indeed would be enough time for the site owners and developers to understand, improve and make new things following the same.

While AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages by Google ) not being a ranking factor, and use of any technology that passes the core web vitals validations or performs well could be a ranking factor.

A Screenshot from Google Blog, that specifies Core Web Vitals Explanation as an Infographic and states “whether implemented using AMP or any other web technology,” that makes it clear AMP not being a ranking factor any technology that performs well can be.

The way content is indexed and the way it would be indexed in the coming year 2021, is getting changed and why you should really care about this is because without following the core web vitals you may be deliberately ignoring the ranking of your site that can result in low traffic and poor visibility with fewer impressions on the search results.

Logically if another site with a better core web vitals score ranks higher your already ranked URL could be adversely affected, so its time to adapt the change.

Request Indexing Option and Schema

Earlier google search console had a Request Indexing Option that has been temporarily disabled it was noticed by many and was confirmed on October 15th 2020 by an official tweet from Google Search Central (See Below) and whether or not it comes backs it is not sure, the only easy way google now allows indexing is with a submitted sitemap URL in an XML format and if not other ways can be found in the article from google Introduction to Indexing.

For SEO factors like ranking improvements, indexing updates you have to continuously experiment on how it is changing and how to cope up with the change, CMS like WordPress has many options for customizing everything from Schemas for a better-structured data and rich results.

As we know from the past, The Rich Results with data-vacabulary.org markup are not eligible for the rich results since April 6, 2020, while old indexed sites used this, so hopefully, the new content with required structured data takes over the rich results as per the eligibility.

On the article in the tweet below, Google explains the difference between the schema and data vocabulary markups, and why they are Sunsetting support for data-vocabulary.

Ignoring content only visible on Desktops

Google also indicated a indexing change for sites that are not mobile friendly this indexing change could be seen in the coming months by March 2021 as the final date.

In a conference this Oct, it is confirmed that the final date for Mobile-first indexing is March 2021 and it reads content only visible on the desktops will be ignored.


SEO and Indexing are changing dynamically with experiments that actually will make a better web with a focus on monitoring performance would be good for both the hosting companies and the site owners.

It can still be difficult for sites that do not update the technology and maintain how things should look on the frontend, specifically the mobile screens, working on responsive websites is a must to follow as you can not ignore the fact that major users landing on the webpages from the small screens.

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