Web Stories WordPress Plugin Now Supports Animation Effects

With the recent update of the web stories WordPress plugin now supporting various animation effects, this is again a step to make web stories better with animation effects,

this makes it easier to select any element in a web story and give that an animation effect, fade-in, fade-out, fly-in, fly-out everything is supported easily, you can also preview the effect on screen.

Web Stories WordPress Plugin Now Supports Animation Effects 3

With web stories now also support a checklist that makes it more convenient to publish a web story without any errors, the checklist helps publishers avoid any errors that may occur on the google search console like a smaller size of the image, or a missing cover image for the web story.

Earlier the WordPress Plugin for Web Stories had all features required to make web stories more interactive and attractive, the animation effects were missing and were much needed for the plugin.

With increasing interest in the web stories for both audience and publishers, Google is leaving no stone unturned to make the web stories better each passing day.

We have also published a tutorial on how to make google web stories in details.

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