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calypso for wordpress
Monday 7 September 01:05

Calypso for WordPress is a Free Application that you can install locally on your Windows, Linux PC, Or MacOs,

Calypso with the help of Jetpack for WordPress gives you a friendly interface where you can manage all your websites locally from your local computer or device.

You can get the app download from this link here.

Before I begin, I assume you have a running WordPress site with JetPack Installed, and you also have a valid WordPress.Com account.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Download Calypso

For Mac its .dmg we will first download the same, for Linux it’s.deb its a 90mb file you can just download and run the same as any regular apps you have.WordPress Locally

Choose Options for Site’s Hosting

Once you run the Setup you will see a screen like this,

You can choose “Add self-hosted site” option to ignore the above login form.self hosted wordpress

Sync with Jetpack Plugin

login with jetpack
Jetpack is a very nice feature for your WordPress Blog, some people still believe that it makes your site slow but if you can trust me this will improve your website with performance and speed, add security and also monitor your site for uptime.

Sign in With Details

Just sign in with your same account with email and password.
sign in with your

Manage All Sites From Local Machine

Manage everything, and at one place is the best thing i like the most about this application also if you have a WordPress Jetpack is just awesome to keep your website secure and fast.Wordpress at macos


  • WordPress Site
  • Account


  • Calypso WordPress App

I have also written a post to set up WordPress on your localhost with SSL on MacOs.

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