Rank Math Pro 7 things I Hate – Honest Review

I got the pro version on the launch day, Rank Math Pro is the need of the hour. The Google search console validations. It kept bothering me on How-To block articles. I started writing using the Yoast SEO How-To Schema Blocks, It lacked the Tools and Supply options .Yoast was adamant for years that this […]

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AMP for WordPress Easily Adding Flying Carpet Adsense Ads

Recently during browsing on my phone, I came across, flying carpet ads on a news site. It was an awesome effect. When it comes to displaying ads, name it flying carpet on the AMP or Parallax effect traditionally. As I am using a Standard AMP Mode. I thought of giving this a try and luckily […]

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9 Free Core Web Vitals Testing Tools

Tools You have been testing your web page performance are most likely Google Page Speed insights, WebPageTest.Org or GtMetrix these are some most commonly used tools to measure page performance. Here is a list of some more awesome free to use web tools to measure your web page performance, As we all know, core web […]

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Easily Embed Google Spreadsheet WordPress With Specific Range

Example 1 of Google Spreadsheet Code Embed Example 2 Embed Google Spreadsheet WordPress With Specific Range Html Blocks are really usable in WordPress I have also made some Reusable Html Blocks WordPress in a separate post here that are AMP Compatible.

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How are Font Detection Tools Made Some Examples

Font Detection Tool – What is Font detection tool all about You can visit , Its a free font detection website, as per the above screenshot as our site is using the default UI fonts, that shows apple-system fonts, You can add your URL here and you will find the fonts that […]


Easily Adding UTF-8 Charset in Nginx

What is a UTF-8 UTF-8 is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. Defined by the Unicode Standard, the name is derived from Unicode Transformation Format – 8-bit. UTF-8 is capable of encoding all 1,112,064 valid character code points in Unicode using one to four one-byte code units. Source Wikipedia Open Nginx Conf File […]

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Free Compatible AMP Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

Here is how a AMP Table of Contents looks like, live example of this post : This blog Netnaps is an AMP Native site, using the AMP in a Standard Mode both Mobile and Desktop Sites are AMP With the Free Original AMP Plugin What’s the most common Table of Contents Plugin for WordPress? I […]

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7 Reusable Blocks WordPress AMP Rahul Kharbanda

A Collection of Reusable Blocks HTML for Content Creators, Pure HTML Valid on AMP, Performance Oriented, Symbols and Icons by Font Awesome 4.7 Version. Block features 100% Free To Use No Attribution Required Icons are by FontAwesome 4.7 Performance-oriented blocks lightweight almost no load on the page post 100% AMP Compatible Html Code All Validations […]

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Solved AdSense AMP Auto-Ads WordPress Not Showing Up 2020

AdSense can be displayed on AMP Pages and Posts on WordPress with many options from manually adding code snippets and using plugins. Enabling Auto-Ads Option – AdSense Account This is the first step if you want to display Auto Ads on AMP-enabled Posts. The option is on your AdSense Account page, see the screenshot below […]

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Adding AMP Cookie Consent in WordPress Manually or Plugin

This post relates to AMP Cookie Consent Only for “WordPress” On How you can add cookie notice in AMP with two options. Manual option and with a plugin, While manual option only will display that you use cookies and visitor can accept that, the plugin does what actually is required the consent of the visitor […]

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Resolved Woocommerce product as Homepage

Woocommerce product as Homepage This is generally required for Ad campaigns and product deal of the day sales, or for sites having a single product or service to highlight the page. Display Single Product Page to a WooCommerce Home Page Short Codes You can Display products on a Home Page with the short codes of […]

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20 Definitive Reasons for No Traffic On My Blog in 2020

Here is a list of 20 Reasons for No Traffic on a Blog in 2020, I have written 20 Reasons you can please add more in the comments. Primary Reason: No New Visitors No New Traffic to the Blog This post is finding out reasons why blogs quit for no visitors If your blog doesn’t […]


Excellent Tricks For Redirection A Codes Collection

Find below code snippets for Redirection, Change your domain name accordingly HTML Redirect / Javascript Simple Html + Javascript Redirect FallBack – Redirect if Javascript is not Allowed Redirection With Meta Tag in Delayed Seconds This is 5 seconds Delayed delay as you like INIT Function With HTML Redirection Apache Server .htaccess Redirections Permanent Redirect […]

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Making Awesome Web Stories 10 Free Resources

a story made using wordpressLearn more how we made it Creating Web Stories on WordPress This Story is made using WordPress Free Plugin by Google Web Stories. Please find a list of 10 useful Resources for making incredible web stories for your blog. Unsplash Unsplash offers a free plugin to sync with your WordPress blog […]