Rank Math Pro 7 things I didn’t Like that much an honest review

I had purchased the Rank Math Pro Plugin the Day it was launched, Rank Math Pro was the need of the hour as the Google search console validations bothered me for How-To block articles I wrote using the Yoast SEO How To Schema Blocks, It lacked the Tools and Supply options and yoast was adamant […]


Upcoming 2021 Changes to SEO & Indexing Some Solid Hints

Google is continuously making the web better in the past few months the SEO focus of major website owners is shifted towards Core Web Vitals that majorly covers mobile-friendly pages, page load speed performances, accessibility scores and other validations from the lighthouse test like the PWA ( progressive web apps ) Core Web Vital Validations […]

Experiments Monetizing Content SEO

20 Definitive Reasons for No Traffic On My Blog in 2020

Here is a list of 20 Reasons for No Traffic on a Blog in 2020, I have written 20 Reasons you can please add more in the comments. Primary Reason: No New Visitors No New Traffic to the Blog This post is finding out reasons why blogs quit for no visitors If your blog doesn’t […]

Lightsail Tips

Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Nginx Apache Server

Getting A+ SSL Rating on Apache Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Lightsail is just a 5-minute task, It’s only turning off old versions of SSL from your configuration file. Getting a free SSL is well documented by the lightsail team here, in a 9 Step Tutorial, if you have not got an SSL please […]

AMP On WordPress Wordpress

15 Ways to Avoid Structured Data Errors on an AMP Site

I am now using the AMP Native Standard mode for some time, and everything is okay, So I thought to pen down a checklist for readers of my blog to avoid structured data errors highlighting some tips to prevent structured data Markup errors & warnings on the Google search console. This Checklist is especially For […]