Rank Math Pro 7 things I didn’t Like that much an honest review

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I had purchased the Rank Math Pro Plugin the Day it was launched, Rank Math Pro was the need of the hour as the Google search console validations bothered me for How-To block articles I wrote using the Yoast SEO How To Schema Blocks,

It lacked the Tools and Supply options and yoast was adamant since years that this is just a warning and not a much needed feature, maybe that did not made sense as per the yoast team as a feature, anyways shifting from yoast to the Rank Math Pro was quite easy for me,

Rank Math has a tool that imports everything vice versa Yoast too has that.

Here are some of the Rank Math Pro things I did not liked too much.

Price is the same as per the Hyped Deal

If you check the Rank Math Pro Pricing it’s 59$ as it still says Launch Price Extended, Ending Soon!

But that’s not the case from months of its launch its the same price and I think that it shall remain the same as well, so if i bought it early as a buyer that was merely a price ticker strategy by Rank Math team and nothing more.

Updates are to be downloaded manually

Every time the Rank math pro version has a new update you will have to delete the pro plugin and upload the new zip file manually again, thats a pain as I firmly believe in auto-updates to be enabled for certain core plugins like that for the SEO, cache and frameworks.

An additional plugin keeping the free and pro both

I was surprised to see this but yes that is true the Rank Math pro version plugin has to be dependent upon the free version that means you would have to keep both the free version and the pro version at the same time for using the Rank math pro version, this means an additional number to the plugins you have on your WordPress site.

Nothing much for the Google Web Stories

The pro version of Rank Math has nothing much for the google web stories plugin like it should have, for the schemas and some additional support extra than the free versions.

before my purchase, I had read a great article on the Rank Math blog for the SEO of google web stories and expected the pro version to have some extra features for the same.

The Deals that came along were not of my use

The long list of the coupon codes and deals that came along the pro version after few days of purchase were not viable to me as it seemed to be, most deals had trials with subscriptions that are already offered by those sites.

The Support team was a bit slow to respond initially

Soon after the pro version was set up I had few queries that were not addressed like it supposed to be, it took a weird 4 days long after opening the ticket for the team to respond back,

Gradually that improved, and it came down to 2 days lets hope they improve more on the response times, and get a dedicated support team for the pro plan users.

The analytics asked for access to AdSense as well

When you integrate Rank Math Pro analytics for the normal keyword tracking that it has a feature the same also asks for access to the AdSense data that sounds a bit off the track to be given to as it is nothing to do with the Keyword tracking or improving your AdSense revenue.

Still we have loads of features in the Pro version of Rank Math that I believe are not comparable to any other SEO plugin for WordPress.

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