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Table of Content WP Plugin Works on AMP

Here is a free to use Table of Contents plugin that is 100% Compatible with the AMP Original Plugin. Amp Table of Contents Plugin. Detail post on how to use with pros and cons.

HTML Reusable Blocks for WordPress

Simple HTML Reusable blocks 100% Amp Compatible use with any AMP Page or Post best for Content Creators, Endless Possibilities HTML Reusable Blocks on WordPress.

AMP Cookie Consent on WordPress With and without Plugin, Pros and Cons in detail of each option, with effects on analytics and session unification.

Session unification for AMP on WordPress

Amp Linker Session Unification using the conversion linker tag on an AMP Container for Google Tag Manager (GTM) Analytics – AMP on WordPress, Reducing high bounce rates on AMP

Avoiding Structured Data Errors With AMP

List to Avoid structured data errors on Amp on WordPress, 15 ways to avoid Schema Errors on Google Search Console when using AMP on your WordPress blog.

Easily Displaying Auto Ads on AMP WordPress

Adsense Auto Ads Amp WordPress manually adding ads after all paragraphs or by using plugins, A Checklist for displaying ads, Pros & Cons of AdSense Auto-Ads.

Setting up an AMP First Site on WordPress

Setting up a WordPress site with AMP First Native AMP Site, A Complete set of topics Category Amp on Wp, Blog, covering topics – AMP on WordPress, Best Plugins for WordPress and what they do and perform, Cloud Hosting on AWS Lightsail, Core Web Vitals, Designing Using Affinity Designer and Seo – Search Engine Optimization on Different Search Engines.

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Redirection Codes

A Collection of Page redirection codes Nginx, Apache Html PHP, to resolve your redirection problems.

SSL Rating A+

Easily Getting A+ SSL rating on Apache or Nginx Cloud Hosting and enable HSTS Preload on your own domain.

Remotely Connect Your Cloud Host Database

Connect your Cloud Server’s MySql Database Remotely with Sequel Pro on your macOS, maintain it, edit it similar to PHPMyAdmin, Connect any cloud hosting database remotely kindly read our post in detail Connect Sequel Pro Lightsail Database.

SFTP Connections using Filezilla for File Transfers

Secured and Safe connections for file transfers using your cloud hosting and Filezilla Application on SFTP, Works Well on AWS Lightsail a small tutorial stepwise Lightsail SFTP Access With FileZilla Easily 5 Steps.