How are Font Detection Tools Made Some Examples

font detection tool

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font detection tool
How are Font Detection Tools Made Some Examples 4

What is Font detection tool all about

You can visit , Its a free font detection website, as per the above screenshot as our site is using the default UI fonts, that shows apple-system fonts,

You can add your URL here and you will find the fonts that a website is using.

Backend and Frontend for font detection tool

The font API service is a node.js server running in Heroku, and puppeteer library is used to render the website in a virtual browser and all the font information is parsed in HTML.

The frontend is coded in a language called mint. Mint is a programming language for writing single-page applications.

Source for this :

Here’s a post on reddit as the source

You might also be interested in other free tools a list here – Online Website Testing Tools Free

Detecting fonts with Javascript and CSS

font detection tool
How are Font Detection Tools Made Some Examples 5

Here is a web page that would detect the fonts used by your system as true or false A Github repository of the font detector demo above made on javascript, Uses both JavaScript and CSS to detect the availability of specific fonts in the user’s browser. Almost 100% accurate.

You can find details on How Does it Work on the Github Repository link above.

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