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AMP for WordPress Easily Adding Flying Carpet Adsense Ads

Recently during browsing on my phone, I came across, flying carpet ads on a news site. It was an awesome effect. When it comes to displaying ads, name it flying carpet on the AMP or Parallax effect traditionally.

As I am using a Standard AMP Mode. I thought of giving this a try and luckily this worked. This is how it looked on a big screen in the screencast below

flying carpet ads

Now the problem was pushing this to each and every post on my blog. Exactly near the second paragraph, so here is what I did simply adding a function to the functions.php file of my twenty-twenty theme ( child theme ).

//Insert flying carpets ads after second paragraph of single post content.

add_filter( 'the_content', 'prefix_insert_post_ads' );
function prefix_insert_post_ads( $content ) {
 $ad_code = '<amp-fx-flying-carpet height="320">
<amp-ad width="100vw" height="320" type="adsense" data-ad-client="ca-pub-1234567891000000" data-ad-slot="098654321" data-auto-format="rspv" data-full-width="">
  <div overflow=""></div>
 if ( is_single() && ! is_admin() ) {
 return prefix_insert_after_paragraph( $ad_code, 2, $content );
return $content;
// Function to get this done
function prefix_insert_after_paragraph( $insertion, $paragraph_id, $content ) {
 $closing_p = '</p>';
 $paragraphs = explode( $closing_p, $content );
 foreach ($paragraphs as $index => $paragraph) {
 if ( trim( $paragraph ) ) {
 $paragraphs[$index] .= $closing_p;
 if ( $paragraph_id == $index + 1 ) {
 $paragraphs[$index] .= $insertion;
 return implode( '', $paragraphs );

Make sure to change your AdSense Code. For a live example of how it looks, you can see that on any post on this blog,

Still, if you have problems displaying AdSense on AMP for WordPress . Then, I have written a detailed post here about AdSense Auto Ads Amp WordPress.

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