Backup Lightsail instance with free SnapShots in 3 Steps

snapshots on aws lightsail

Backup Lightsail Instance Step By Step, Follow the These Simple Steps with screenshots to better understand.

Saturday 8 August 18:22

In Simple 5 steps, you can create backups of your instances in Lightsail

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open the main Lightsail Instance Home Page Click on your Instance, You will see a Tab With 8 Options

Click on Snapshots, and then create a snapshot8options

Give Snapshot a name

Give a name to your Backup or Snapshot this is best as Site Name or App Name plus Date to remember, Click Create with the Green Symbol.Lightsail SFTP Access Using FileZilla

Do Not Click Anywhere or Refresh the Window

Snapshotting Appears as in the picture above, and the Snapshot will be in the list with Date.snapshotting

To create a new Instance from a saved snapshot.

select the 3 dots and click on create an instance.create_instance

Create Automatic Backups in AWS Lightsail

Turn the Toggle On, and it will create an Automatic Backups of the same instance.create_automatic_snapshots


  • Lightsail Account


  • Access to Manage The Account For Backups

Taking Backup of your Lightsail instance is simple and can be automated, you can get started with Lightsail for Free!

Bonus Tip

Always keep a snapshot for your configuration of a lower level to degrade the instance, because you may always upgrade to a higher configuration instance, but you can’t degrade.

With Configuration, I mean CPU’s & RAM, which means you may upgrade to 1Gb Ram from 512MB instance, but you can not degrade back to a 512MB instance with a snapshot of 1GB.

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