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Clean WordPress Database Using WP-Optimize Plugin in 5 min

Manage SQL Database In WordPress, this is a Step-By-Step Guide on ” How to Optimize & Manage SQL Database in WordPress for Free “

Manage SQL Database In WordPress, and this is a Step-By-Step Guide on – How to Optimize & Manage SQL Database in WordPress for Free.

Download & Install the WP-Optimize Free Plugin

Just go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Type WP-Optimize and click Install, In Few Seconds ” Installed ” Appears, then click Activate. Shows ” Active ” it’s done.autoptimize wordpress plugin

From the WP-Optimize on the Admin Menu at the Left

In the first option ” Database ” you can optimise the DB Tablesauto optimize wordpress plugin

Delete The Unused Data Tables in WordPress

Go to the Tables Tab, and Here you can see a view of all the tables used by various plugins with the size they have.wordpress database error

The plugins that are not in use are deleted leave behind tables

You may see a RED [ not Installed ] wherever the table has not been in use, make sure this has a single plugin displayed, like in this screenshot Rank Math in using this table, but 404 Monitor does not use it, so we should not delete the same.

If any plugin did not use it, you could Delete the same.

Always keep backups for your sites before deleting or maintaining any databases. Most recent Backups are still best to do.

If you use Lightsail by Amazon AWS, I have also written this post on how to take the backups manually & automatically.optimize database tables

Monitoring the DataBase

I hope this step-by-step tutorial will help you maintain the SQL Database tables for free, and it’s effortless to do.

Also, if you are using a MultiSite WordPress, always upgrade the Network after any changes to the database, this will ensure the proper working of all your domains.

To Monitor, your WordPress Database DB Query Monitor is another excellent plugin that helps Debug the SQL, and PHP errors on your blog.

Also, if you wish to monitor just your Database Queries on a Page, a lightweight plugin is UsageDD which gives you a small query monitor on every page at the bottom, it’s compatible with AMP Original plugin as well.

The best part it also shows the time a query took so that you can improve the page.

Database queries play a significant role in your SEO Strategy if you do that!

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