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Connect Remotely AWS Lightsail MySQL Sequel Pro on macOS in 5min

Saturday 18 July 00:56

Download and Install Sequel Pro on Mac

You can quickly get the free Sequel Pro and install the same on your macOS like any other App and run the same.Sequel Pro For MACOS

Open Sequel Pro App’s Connection Interface

As we will connect using SSH, you can download the security key from your Lightsail account,

I have given details in this previous post of mine for connecting SFTP with FileZilla for Lightsail.

setting up sequel pro nightly builds for managing database on localhost
You can see three options TCP/IP, Socket, and SSH, and as said above we will use SSH.

Enter Details Make a Connect the Database

Explained in Details Below, this is important it also has a feature at the end to just add this connection as your favourites so that you don’t need to every time fill all these details.sequel_pro
Kindly relate to these numbers above with the list below:
1. Select SSH Tab
2. Give Any Name you can remember
3. The host is ( Local Server )
4. Username is Your Database Username
5. Password is your Database Password
6. The database is your Database Name Without Prefix Like (WP_)
7. Port is default 3306 for SQL on a server
8. SSH Host is your Static IP Address From Lightsail
9. SSH User is your Username Like Ubuntu, Bitnami What you see on SSH
10. The Key is the Location of Account Key Pair you can download from Lightsail
11. SSH Port is Default Port 22
12. Test Connection Button
13. Should return with Connection Succeeded
14. Connect Button press it once Connection Succeeded
15. Add to Favourites for repeat connections
16. Favorites List

Lightsail SFTP Access Using FileZilla
A screenshot from my post Lightsail SFTP Access With FileZilla Easily 5 Steps

Connection Made Using Sequel Pro Easily Edit Your Database

Once the connection made, you can edit your database optimise it, Monitor it locally on your Mac and for multiple websites.sequel_pro_connected
The picture above shows ” SSH Connected ” red arrow you can see a complete list of all your tables you can edit the same as you want.

Note: Always Take A Back-Up, Never Delete Database Tables Manually if you are not tech-savvy with your site.

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