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Single Line 1 Command Bulk Optimise All Image Files

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On my blog, I was not using any plugin to optimise my Images, As I Use Amp as a Native Mode and mostly my pages are automatically on the google’s amp CDN,

For all my Image works, I use the Affinity Designer, That I purchased with a lifetime license and did many compression jobs at its level.

So that optimise hardly matters, but again as a Good Web Practice, also now starting with the new web stories plugin, I thought why not just do it in a right way and without incurring any extra cost,

Why You Should Optimise Blog Images?

For SEO Strategy, I always have seen SEO Guys saying reduce the page size, optimise more!

What I Need is not a premium or fancy featured plugin to do that, A Plugin that always runs with queries for each image on the admin side whenever I am writing a post,

Secondly, a solution to this has to fast do optimisation in bulk Really fast like a one-line command and done.

Also, It should not repeat the process again and again, keep logs on the servers run scripts every time I upload a new image to the media folder.

Getting the right free tool to optimise images

So i just landed up on this fantastic webpage via google search, I found ImageOptim

Go Download this wonderful free tool, thats less than 10mb and works like a charm.

Downloading all images from your WordPress hosting server

Using SFTP and Filezilla I downloaded the entire uploads directory on my local mac, now giving the single line command what it needs,

Running The Command on Terminal to Bulk optimise

/Applications/ *.png /users/yourname/PNG-FOLDER/

Don’t forget to change the folder location on the command before you run this,

How does this look on the Terminal, it runs in the background to optimise each file that is *.png format, Saving a whopping 50% of the storage, everything free!

On the Frontend, this looks easier, if you are not comfortable with the terminal on your mac you can do this with drag and drop!

If I optimise a folder, I will do that of the previous month, So that what I upload as my content I am not worried about optimising while creating content, One day in a month. Few minutes is OK to do this for the previous month, so I did this for September 2020.

Checked with option “Again” at the extreme right but that’s not required.

Over All the Tool is great, I did this for WordPress blog you can use it for any bulk task with optimising the images.

Seamlessly combines all the best image optimisation tools: MozJPEGpngquantPngcrush7zipSVGO and Google Zopfli.

I Write about more optimising posts related to WordPress Check that out here.

If you need to find out 10 Awesome free resources to get images kindly follow my post for all the resources I am using on my blog I have made a list of the 10 Useful resources here, and a Quick View Web Story Here.

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