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How are Font Detection Tools Made Some Examples

Font Detection Tool – What is Font detection tool all about You can visit , Its is a free font detection website, as per the above screenshot as our site is using the default UI fonts, which show apple-system fonts, You can add your URL here and you will find the fonts […]

Tutorials Wordpress

Single Line 1 Command Bulk Optimise All Image Files

On my blog, I was not using any plugin to optimise my Images, As I Use Amp as a Native Mode and mostly my pages are automatically on the google’s amp CDN, For all my Image works, I use the Affinity Designer, That I purchased with a lifetime license and did many compression jobs at […]

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Online Website Testing Tools Free List for 2020

Online Website Testing Tools Free List All Tools Are Free in the List Below Tool Link What does this Free Tool do? Safety Security Checks Mozilla Observatory The Mozilla Observatory has helped over 170,000 websites by teaching developers, system administrators, and security professionals how to configure their sites safely and securely.Free Google Safe Browsing Check Safe Browsing […]

Lightsail Tips

Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Nginx Apache Server

Getting A+ SSL Rating on Apache Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Lightsail is just a 5-minute task, It’s only turning off old versions of SSL from your configuration file. Getting a free SSL is well documented by the lightsail team here, in a 9 Step Tutorial, if you have not got an SSL please […]