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List of Plugins tested on AMP Standard Mode

A list of plugins that we have tested with AMP as a Standard Mode, Native Mode or AMP Mode for both desktop and mobile.

Only discussing the Plugins that work well on both the Front End and backend.

To understand this in a simpler way plugins that load a javascript, a script or function that is not supported by AMP framework will not work for the WordPress site.

Here are some that work perfectly for AMP Original Plugin in a standard mode.

Rank Math Seo Free and Pro

Rank Math SEO Plugin Free and Pro versions both sync very well with the AMP as a standard mode, the Rank Math plugin also has an option to select AMP Plugin from its settings main dashboard to enable support for the AMP Plugin.

While I am using a PRO version of the Rank Math Plugin that is supported with the AMP Original plugin without any problems so far.

SEO plugins for AMP are required to generate a sitemap xml and submit the same to the Google Search Console for indexing your urls and maintain your rich snippets like How-To’s, FAQ schema’s etc.

Rank Math Pro and Free both have features that help you pass all validations easily with generating a valid a schema markups and automatic sitemap submissions, by pinging the search console to check for new changes to the sitemap whenever the content is updated.

SimpleTOC Table of Contents for AMP

Table of contents gives a plus point for the long article navigation for a visitor to directly jump on the appropriate required information required by him, for AMP as a standard mode all Table of contents plugins are not supported.

I have also given a detailed post on AMP Table of Contents Plugin where I have explained the SimpleTOC usage and installation in detail with comparison to the other paid options.

Luckily a simple Table for Contents plugin is available to download from the wordpress repository that works perfectly with the AMP as a standard mode.

Other plugins I tested for Table of Contents on AMP have a Java Script thus not supporting the AMP Mode.


Post SMTP is a lightweight plugin that integrates email sending capability from your gmail account or any account you wish to use, you just need to add the required credentials and you can enable the use of POST SMTP, this plugin has no frontend interference so it works smoothly with the AMP Original Plugin.

JetPack with AMP

Jetpack fully supports amp plugin in a standard mode and works very well, it also supports blocks with contact forms, widgets like cookie consent and adds many features with the free CDN from Jetpack.

Jetpack is a must-have for a WordPress site, that also adds features like image lazy loading and secures your site with its free security features, analytics and much more.

PWA By Google for AMP

Progressive Web Application, PWA Plugin to understand in a simple term this won’t require a plugin it’s just a simple service worker that would ask the user to make a shortcut on the phone menu items with the websites icons as a launcher to access the site with ease, without going to the browser and typing the address.

PWA is also required for Core Web Vitals Score, has no conflicts with the AMP Plugin so far and works perfectly with the AMP as a standard mode.

Kindly note after installing and activating the plugin you won’y find any settings it would automatically show the “Add to home screen” to the new visitor on both the desktop and mobile.

Web Stories By Google

Web stories by Google don’t require AMP but run on AMP CDN of Google, Web Stories plugin is new visual, interactive and modern way of publishing content.

The Web Stories by Google Plugin for WordPress works perfectly with the AMP in a standard mode, it also gives a on screen validation for making a perfect web story.

SVG Support

SVG support plugin is best if you want to upload SVG’s securely and safely, SVG’s are recommended and support most common browsers now, in comparison to WEBP format.

The plugin has no conflict with the AMP in a standard mode.


Twentig plugin is best to use with the AMP Plugin in a standard mode if you are using the default WordPress themes like Twenty Twenty or Twenty Twenty One, the best thing about Twentig is it enables many features required to publish a page or post, and also to display posts and categories in a Card or Grid View.

Twentig is a toolkit or toolbox for the twenty twenty WordPress’s default theme and works flawlessly.

You can see here an official link to all the supported plugins and themes.

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