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I am Rahul Kharbanda, I am maintaining this blog Netnaps,

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As we all know, 2020 is bringing many changes to each one of us the essential things are the ones that remain on priority for the web & technology as well.

Technology I Use, Talk About, or am a Fan of :

  • Speed and minimal use of flashy things on your site pages.
  • Mobile-Friendly websites and apps.
  • Optimal use of resources with cloud hosting.

A Bit About my blog NetNaps

NetNaps.com is proudly powered by WordPress like many other millions of websites using WordPress and many of them using Google’s AMP Technology to publish posts and creating content.

Using the ” Standard AMP Mode” of the official WordPress AMP Plugin on my Blog is giving me new things to learn and explore, that I am sharing here at my blog.

– Rahul Kharbanda Author at NetNaps Blog
About - WordPress

Yes I Like WordPress

got my hands on WordPress around 2009
As of its ever-developing features, secure functionality, Open-Source approach, and many other benefits, I am discussing here on my Blog’s WordPress Posts Category.

Ever since the launch of Google’s Amp Technology, WordPress and developers are making many updates, bug fixes, and developments for implementation on AMP and its features. Looking at this is impressive, and this seems like the next future of website building, cloud hosting, and eCommerce.

About Google AMP

The Google AMP Everywhere

My Blog is powered by the Google AMP and I am learning it so far,

AMP has been a top criterion for SEO as of its blink of an eye speed and minimum usage of scripts and queries.

The official blog for AMP is really helpful and the way they have presented AMP looks like anything is possible with the AMP.

Here are some of my posts on AMP for WordPress.



Started to learn about the web with Oscommerce PHP in 2007, around 13 years ago made an e-commerce site, at that time in India we had few payment gateways and I remember signing up on EBS.

My first blog way back a decade ago was on WordPress, looking at it on Way Back Machine Web Archive’s, while I still have the domain, and also love collecting new meaningful domains.

I used to write a lot about topics like eCommerce, Technology, Android, Even the Cables, Phones, also cases like Gmail.

From the last ten years and now the web has been a better place with code improvements everywhere, more open-source approach, more speeds more one-line codes, even headless serverless things around.

At that time, while using Oscommerce addons any new feature on the site was like wow!, Same was with WordPress more, and more plugins more and more feature this and that everywhere, now the approach is opposite fewer plugins even cutting down on the basic ones.

Bogging in a new way!

Blogging in 2020 is changing for good, most bogs today are shifting to AMP whether standard or transitional modes.

Every blogger knows SEO is the key, and organic reach is what is everyone desperately needs now, the secrets of search algorithms, funnels, open graphs, and proper analytics is what everyone searching for on the net today.

The AI tools like Grammarly, that checks your content for grammatical mistakes while you write content with just a simple chrome extension.

The SEO Plugins for WordPress like The RankMath, which gives you scores of your SEO on-page more in detail compared to the vintage and most used by site owners Yoast SEO, Many things are developing on the WordPress end.

Even Google understands this with creating Plugins like the Site Kit, which gives you most of what google offers for a website in a dashboard presentation under your admin panel.

I at NetNaps am frequently creating tutorials for our visitors for free in form of how to’s with screenshots, with a clear focus of latest things from WordPress, Google, and AWS Lightsail that we use as our cloud hosting.

By this time, you would have got a clear idea of what my blog NetNaps is all about.

Still, we look forward to your feedback, suggestions, and comments. It would be beneficial and give us the motivation to add more posts and improve further.

Concluding the About us, I at NetNaps.com firmly believe that starting anything that is one of its kind and authentic will always get you more learning, knowledge, and trust.

Still if anything please Contact me here, wish to include your own tutorial for your new App kindly let me know please i am being selective for the content on my blog to make this a better place.