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Smoothly Repair Database WordPress Inbuilt Function in 5 Min

Repair Database Easily on WordPress, With an Inbuilt Core Function, Has your website been attacked with a Malicious code? If yes, this small tutorial on Repairing Corrupt WordPress could help you get it back just in a matter of 5 minutes. Just relax first. We have to do things step by step and get the […]

Lightsail Tips

Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Nginx Apache Server

Getting A+ SSL Rating on Apache Getting an A+ SSL Rating on Lightsail is just a 5-minute task, It’s only turning off old versions of SSL from your configuration file. Getting a free SSL is well documented by the lightsail team here, in a 9 Step Tutorial, if you have not got an SSL please […]


WordPress Premium Plugins Free or $5 Exposed not the right choice

As a site owner be mature enough to understand that nothing comes for free sooner or later you will be paying a price for the same.